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Travel Boxes


Polígono 1, N55
03194 La Marina, Alicante
+34 / 65 416 83 66

Travel Boxes

We can supply either plastic travelling crates or custom built wooden boxes depending on your personal requirements and destination.

Training Kennel, Dog House, comfortable and save Car travelling

Plastic travelling crates (Vari Kennel) are specially made for air transportation and they are airline proofed.

They also can be used as

  • Training Kennel
  • Dog House
  • comfortable and save Car travelling

Many of our customers find them extremely useful when taking their pet to the Vet for example.

Delivery to your Home address in Spain (Mainland) in 24HOURS

Wooden travelling crates for dogs, cats and other types of pets on request.

We have also a big range of second hand carriers.

Please contact us for a quote. You can send us an email right HERE
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